Wholesale trade of
products for pharmaceutical
and food industries
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History of our company

The history and development of the Elpis-Ukraina company – from the establishment of the parent and subsidiary companies to future development goals planning.

Development stages
I stage: The creation of head office

— In 1995, a SIA ELPIS company was established. The main business activity was the wholesale trade of medicines. The company in Riga is still working in this field.

— At the beginning of 2000, a new direction was opened – pharmaceutical raw materials, medicinal herbs, raw materials of plant origin, etc. The overall turnover in all trade fields equals to €35 millions per year. More than 100 people worked that time.

— In 2008, a new office was opened in Egypt which is focused on local plant materials and herbs procurement.

— In 2015, a new office was launched in Poland. More than 100 people work here.

— SIA Elpis is a center of the structure with subsidiaries in Latvia, Lithuania, Egypt, Poland, Ukraine.

— In 2015, new warehouses were opened in Poland to speed up supplies to Eastern European customers.

II stage: The creation of a subsidiary company in Ukraine

— In 2004, the Elpis-Ukraina enterprise was founded. We started working with spices, gradually adding new directions and widening our product range.

— In 2008, a license for a wholesale trade of medicinal raw materials was obtained.

— In 2010, the currently operating pharmacy warehouse was opened in Zhytomyrska oblast.

— In 2015, a warehouse was opened in Kovel. It is located in the region of bulk plant materials purvey. This warehouse has an excellent logistics location to work with our European customers.

— In 2017, the annual turnover of the Elpis-Ukraina company exceeded 7 million US dollars.

As of today:

  • there are 3 working warehouses in different regions of Ukraine;
  • over 700 regular customers (we started our work from scratch);
  • 40 people work in the company, we conduct annual staff development events;
  • modern methods of production management were implemented;
  • standards at all technological stages were raised.
III stage: Development and plans of Elpis-Ukraina

— In 2018, a procedure of implementation of the product quality management system has been started.

At the stage of the development:

  • shelled walnuts production;
  • spices grinding, condiment blends;
  • industrial sublimation of wild berries and mushrooms;
  • Eco Organic products certification.
Extension of product range

The main task of our development is the extension of our product range to satisfy the needs of all our customers. At the very beginning, the company was specialized only in products for pharmaceutical enterprises. Now the assortment of goods was significantly extended. There are over 700 products listed in the catalogue, and its number is constantly updated.

You can buy in bulk:

  • Dried vegetables and fruits, culinary herbs and spices;
  • Food additives and confectionery raw materials;
  • Raw materials of plant origin;
  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients;
  • Prescription and non-prescription medicines;
  • Medical supplies and cosmetics.

If you need a specific ingredient, product or raw material, contact us. We are ready to deliver such products to you.

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    Wholesale trade of
    products for pharmaceutical
    and food industries
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